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Closed Consultations

  • Pet Policy Consultation

    At Abri we’re always looking to improve our services and how we work. Right now we’re looking at a new policy all about pets. We are keen to create a policy that supports you having a pet but also make sure it’s the right decision for everyone. We’ve got some ideas on how... More

    Closed 6 June 2021

  • Safer Lives Survey

    Customer safety is a huge priority for us at Abri. That's why we've set up the Safer Lives panel as part of our VOC (Voice of Customers) framework. The Safer Lives panel aims to identify ways in which customer safety can be continually improved upon. In order to do this we need to hear from... More

    Closed 6 June 2021

  • Abri Resident Scrutiny Group Customer Priorities

    Abri’s Resident Scrutiny Group is an independent group of customers who look at the performance and services delivered to find out what’s good, what’s bad, what’s missing and how things can be better. This is done through collaboration with colleagues from across the organisation. More

    Closed 22 February 2021

  • Simplifying our structure part 2

    All the landlords within the Radian Group, including Yarlington, Drum and Portal come under the Abri brand but are separate landlords. I’m sure you’ll agree, the difference between our name Abri and your landlord, is quite confusing. So, we want to make it simpler by merging all three... More

    Closed 9 February 2021

  • Simplifying our structure

    We want to simplify the Abri Group and need your help On 5 October 2020 we became Abri. All the landlords within the Radian Group, including Yarlington Housing Group (Yarlington), Drum Housing Association Ltd (Drum) and Portal Housing Association Ltd (Portal) come under the Abri... More

    Closed 29 November 2020

We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We asked

In November 2020 we consulted with customers on merging three housing associations (Portal, Drum and Yarlington) in the Abri group to make it easier to understand who the landlord is and who Abri is.

We then contacted everyone again earlier this year letting customers know we’re going to merge in two phases. The first phase is for Portal and Drum to merge into Yarlington. Before we did anything, we asked customers if they supported this proposal.

You said

25 people took part in the consultation

16 (64%) said they supported the merger

4 (16%) said they didn't support the merger

5 (20%) were neither for or against the merger

Some customers left comments or asked questions. Anyone that had a question and left their contact details will have received a response.

We did

All feedback was shared with our Executive Team and Board to help make their decision.

Because the majority of customers who took part in the consultation were in favour of the proposal, we've gone ahead. This means that on 31 March 2021, Drum and Portal will merge into Yarlington.

This means that Drum and Portal customers will have a new landlord - Yarlington. We've written to all Drum and Portal customers letting them know about this change and answered some frequently asked questions.

You can see these questions here

Please know that Yarlington and Swathling customers are not affected.

We asked

On 5 October 2020 we became Abri, which is home to several landlords. The difference between our name Abri and the name of your landlord is quite confusing so we wanted to make it simpler. We would like to merge Yarlington, Portal and Drum into one organisation called Abri Group Ltd. This does not affect Swaything customers.

But, before we make any decisions we must consult with you.

You said

110 customers took part in the consultation. Of those who answered the survey, 69% supported the proposal to merge the housing associations. 17.3% neither supported or opposed the proposal, and 13.6% did not support the proposal.

We did

We’ve decided to merge in two stages. The first stage will see Drum and Portal merge into Yarlington by 31 March 2021. Stage two will see Yarlington become Abri just like we originally planned at a later date.


This new phased approach means that Yarlington will become Drum and Portal customers’ landlord. Before we make this decision, we need to consult with customers again.

We asked

As part of our coronavirus recovery plan, we are planning a phased approach to introduce our repairs service again. We asked you to tell us what you think about us starting to carry out repairs, if you have outstanding repairs and how we can do this safely.

You said

1,048 customers took part in the consultation

  • 84% of you said you are happy for an employee to come to your home
  • 60% said you had an outstanding repair
  • For those it was applicable to 96% said you were happy for us to carry out communal repairs
  • 83% of you agreed with our repairs recovery proposal

We did

We are planning a phased approach to reintroduce repairs services again in a safe way for our customers and colleagues.

We will continue to carry out our emergency repairs as well as gas servicing and any other health and safety related repairs to ensure our customers safety.

For everyone’s safety, until September, we will only carry out external repairs, those that will take less than one hour to complete or are critical, to minimise the amount of time spent in your home and to maintain social distancing.

We aim to begin to tackle the list of repairs that we had to cancel due to lockdown in July, and then turn on our full repairs service in September if government restrictions and safety precautions allow us.

On 11 June, we started to contact anyone who had a repair cancelled when we went into lockdown. This is to check whether customers still need the repair. If it’s still needed, and will take less than one hour to complete or is external, you will be offered an appointment from 1 July onwards either over the phone, or through a text from us when you are able to book an appointment for your repair on our portal.

For any new repairs, you will be able to report these to us online or over the phone from 1 July.

From 1 August, we will allow appointments to be booked for external or communal repairs or those that will take less than one hour to complete inside homes.

From 1 September, we will allow appointments for all other repairs, including those that could not be booked earlier because they will take over an hour to complete.