Abri Resident Scrutiny Group Customer Priorities 2022-23

Closed 20 Jan 2022

Opened 7 Jan 2022

Results expected 9 Feb 2022


Abri’s Resident Scrutiny Group (RSG) is an independent group of customers who look at the performance and services delivered to find out what’s good, what’s bad, what’s missing and how things can be better. This is done through collaboration with colleagues from across the organisation.  

Last year we asked you to tell us what topics you think the RSG should prioritise for review during 2021/22. The results shaped the annual work plan for the group, and they have to date delivered two reports covering Repairs and Sustainability, copies of which can be found below under 'Related'. The RSG are currently undertaking the third review which is based on Anti-Social Behaviour, the outcomes of which will be presented to the organisation in March.

Alongside the three reviews, the RSG have also reviewed performance relating to complaints, health and safety compliance and customer satisfaction and contributed to the production of the 2020/21 Customer Annual Report.

Why your views matter

It is the groups’ responsibility to work on the priorities of Abri customers, so your opinions, ideas and suggestions are essential to identifying the work programme for 2022/23.

What happens next

Thank you for providing your views today. All of this information will be reviewed with the independent Resident Scrutiny Group and we will let you know the outcomes and the decisions we make following your input. If you have expressed an interest in becoming a member of the independent Resident Scrutiny Group or the Resident Scrutiny Group Sounding Board and provided your details, we will contact you shortly to discuss this further.