Permissions Policy

Closed 4 Apr 2022

Opened 15 Mar 2022


At Abri we’re always looking to improve our services and how we work. Right now, we’re looking at a new policy all about permissions and alterations.


We’re keen to develop a policy that gives you clarity on how and when to request permission for different activities, such as making alterations to your home or running a business. We also need the policy to enable us to protect our assets, such as the physical structure of our homes, and to ensure any changes won’t cause disruption to neighbours.

Why your views matter

We have some ideas which have been driven by our past experiences as a landlord, however we need your views to help us develop the policy.


So, to get the conversation going it would be great to get your views on the following questions:

What happens next

Now that we have your views, we will take the time to review the feedback and ensure it is all considered when creating the new Permissions Policy. We will share the new policy as part of our 'You Said, We Did' response.