Pet Policy Consultation

Closed 6 Jun 2021

Opened 19 May 2021

Feedback updated 14 Jul 2021

We asked

We're keen to create a pet policy that supports you having a pet but also make sure it’s the right decision for everyone. We asked you a set of questions to help make sure we create a policy that you agree with and is flexible, suiting every situation and type of customer.

You said

  • 2563 customers took part in the consultation (that’s our highest response rate to a consultation!)
  • 59% of you currently have a pet
  • 63% said there should be restrictions on allowing pets – things like the number of pets, the type of the property and the type of pet should all be considered
  • The top two themes in the comments were about making sure the person is suitable to look after the pet and ensuring the pet is not a nuisance to neighbours (e.g. not letting it bark at night and cleaning up after it).
  • If Abri does need to restrict a pet, we asked you if there should be any exceptional reasons when a customer may be allowed. 83% said medical assistance dogs, 80% said sensory assistance dogs and 75% of you said emotional support companies. You also added comments where customers should be allowed if they’re lonely and isolated or to teach children how to care for them. But ultimately, you want to make sure the person can and will look after the pet.

We did

We've used all of your feedback to draft a pet policy that we think is fair for everyone. It addresses your concerns, considers the benefit having a pet can bring and also considers government guidance. Our lawyers are taking a look at it now and as soon as it's ready we'll share it with you.


At Abri we’re always looking to improve our services and how we work. Right now we’re looking at a new policy all about pets.

We are keen to create a policy that supports you having a pet but also make sure it’s the right decision for everyone. We’ve got some ideas on how we can do this, but because it’s about you, it’s really important that we ask what you think too.

The biggest challenge is creating a policy that suits every situation and type of customer, so it needs to be flexible.

To help develop the policy, we’d really like to ask you some questions. It will take no more than five minutes and your answers are anonymous.