Customer Charter Consultation

Closed 14 Feb 2020

Opened 20 Jan 2020

Results expected 17 Feb 2020

Feedback updated 5 Mar 2020

We asked

We asked you, our customers to review our proposed Customer Charter. The Charter outlines the service you can expect from us. We asked you if you thought the Charter is easy to understand, clearly sets out what we will do, treats everyone equally and includes everything you would expect to see.

You said

912 customers took part in the consultation.

Results of the consultation found:

  • 87% of you agree that the Customer Charter is easy to understand
  • 88% of you agree that the Charter clearly sets out what Radian will do
  • 87% of you agree that the Charter aims to treat everyone equally
  • 83% of you agree that the Charter covers everything you would expect

Some customers suggested that we could improve the Charter by being more specific and providing it in different formats to be more inclusive.

We did

The majority of customers who took part in the consultation were happy with the proposed Charter. These results are very similar to those of Yarlington customers in their Customer Charter consultation.

As an overall majority of customers are happy with this Charter, we will look to launch this as the Customer Charter for the new organisation.

Based on your feedback, we will create and share the Charter in different formats e.g. large print, audio and different languages, to make sure everyone can understand it. The Charter will be created and shared with all customers in the next few months.


Radian have created a draft Customer Charter and would like your views, as Radian customers, on what is in it.

What is a Customer Charter?

A Customer Charter is a group of commitments which set out to customers the level of services they can expect from us.

Why we are consulting

Why has Radian created a Customer Charter?

It is important to us that you understand the service you can expect from Radian and what to do if something goes wrong. A Customer Charter explains this clearly and simply.

This consultation is asking for your views as a Radian customer. We would like to find out what you think about this draft Customer Charter and how we can improve it.

You can even be in with a chance of winning a £25 voucher for taking part.