Customer Priorities Consultation

Closed 14 Feb 2020

Opened 20 Jan 2020

Results expected 17 Feb 2020

Feedback updated 5 Mar 2020

We asked

As we come together as one organisation, Radian and Yarlington consulted with all its customers, asking what you think should be a priority for the new organisation. This consultation was important to making sure we heard from you and use your opinions to shape the way we work going forward.

We gave you a list of 11 priorities for the organisation and asked you to rank your top three most important priorities for the new organisation to invest in.

You said

1332 customers took part in the consultation and 1222 customers ranked their top three priorities. There is little difference between the priorities chosen by Radian and Yarlington customers.

The top three priorities are:

  1. Invest more money into our existing homes (ranked by 61% of customers)
  2. Build more homes in the south and south west (ranked by 48.5% of customers)
  3. Make our current homes more environmentally friendly (ranked by 41% of customers)

Each priority is listed below, ranked by the percentage of customers who placed it in their top three:

  1. Invest more money into our homes - 61%
  2. Build more homes in the south and south west - 48.5%
  3. Make our current homes more environmentally friendly - 41%
  4. Invest more in support for older customers - 37%
  5. Do more to help the homeless in the south and south west - 28%
  6. Invest in customer services - 24%
  7. Invest in local community projects - 19%
  8. Help more people become homeowners - 16%
  9. Develop greater influence with local and national government - 9.5%
  10. Invest more in employment and training opportunities - 8%
  11. Invest more in technology - 8%

It was clear that you would like the new organisation to focus on delivering our core service as a housing provider, really well.

We did

All of the feedback received will be used to shape the corporate strategy for the new organisation with a clear focus on building more homes, investing in our existing homes and making our homes more environmentally friendly.

Once the new corporate strategy has been launched we will provide a full explanation of how we have made your priorities our core focus for the business.



In November 2019, Radian and Yarlington came together as one organisation.

As we begin to bring the two organisations even closer together there is an opportunity to create a new organisation that improves our services and better meets your needs.


Why we are consulting

We want your voice to be front and center of the decision-making process, by asking for your ideas and opinions we can better understand what’s important to you and make sure that these are considered as a priority for the new organisation.