Simplifying our structure part 2

Closed 9 Feb 2021

Opened 27 Jan 2021

Feedback updated 29 Mar 2021

We asked

In November 2020 we consulted with customers on merging three housing associations (Portal, Drum and Yarlington) in the Abri group to make it easier to understand who the landlord is and who Abri is.

We then contacted everyone again earlier this year letting customers know we’re going to merge in two phases. The first phase is for Portal and Drum to merge into Yarlington. Before we did anything, we asked customers if they supported this proposal.

You said

25 people took part in the consultation

16 (64%) said they supported the merger

4 (16%) said they didn't support the merger

5 (20%) were neither for or against the merger

Some customers left comments or asked questions. Anyone that had a question and left their contact details will have received a response.

We did

All feedback was shared with our Executive Team and Board to help make their decision.

Because the majority of customers who took part in the consultation were in favour of the proposal, we've gone ahead. This means that on 31 March 2021, Drum and Portal will merge into Yarlington.

This means that Drum and Portal customers will have a new landlord - Yarlington. We've written to all Drum and Portal customers letting them know about this change and answered some frequently asked questions.

You can see these questions here

Please know that Yarlington and Swathling customers are not affected.


All the landlords within the Radian Group, including Yarlington, Drum and Portal come under the Abri brand but are separate landlords. I’m sure you’ll agree, the difference between our name Abri and your landlord, is quite confusing. So, we want to make it simpler by merging all three housing associations into one, to become Abri Group Ltd.

In November 2020 we consulted with you to ask if you supported this proposal. The majority of those who had their say supported the proposal.

Why your views matter

We’ve decided to merge in two stages. The first stage will see Drum and Portal merge into Yarlington by 31 March. Stage two will see Yarlington become Abri just like we planned, at a later date.

This means that Yarlington will become Drum and Portal customers’ landlord until we merge Yarlington into Abri. Because of this, we need to consult with Drum and Portal customers again before we make a final decision.

Even though Yarlington will become Drum and Portal’s new landlord on 31 March 2021, your services, who you contact and your legal rights will not change.

Please know that Yarlington customers are not affected until stage two, and Swaythling customers will not be affected by this merger at all.