Simplifying our structure

Closed 29 Nov 2020

Opened 19 Oct 2020


We want to simplify the Abri Group and need your help

On 5 October 2020 we became Abri. All the landlords within the Radian Group, including Yarlington Housing Group (Yarlington), Drum Housing Association Ltd (Drum) and Portal Housing Association Ltd (Portal) come under the Abri brand but are separate landlords. Customers whose landlord is Swaythling are not affected.

I’m sure you’ll agree, the difference between our name Abri and the name of your landlord, is quite confusing. So, we want to make it simpler.

We would like to merge Yarlington, Drum and Portal into one organisation.

To make our organisation as simple as possible, we would like to merge all three housing associations into one organisation. This means that Abri Group Ltd would become your landlord.

Before we make any decisions we must consult with you.

Why we are consulting

Your landlord/freeholder would become Abri Group Ltd but your home and services will not be affected

If we do merge the three organisations, your landlord/freeholder will become Abri Group Ltd. But that’s it. Your services, who you contact and your legal rights (for things like Right to Buy) will not change. What we can do though, is make the services you receive even better.

By merging the landlords together, the Abri Group will become one of the largest housing associations in the South of England. This will help us save money which we will invest in your home, to build new homes and support your community. It’ll also make it very simple for you to understand who Abri is and who your landlord is.

What happens next

Your opinion will be heard before we make any decisions

Before we make any decisions we must consult with you. We will then share your feedback with the Boards of the three housing associations and Abri Group Ltd. We will then let everyone know about the decision later this year, once we’ve looked at all the feedback.